HORSE PENSION - Yeguada Campa La Selva S.L. Caballos de Pura Raza Española

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Finca les Oliveres with its size of 13 ha offers great wooden fenced meadows including a forest of pine-trees, an olive grove and two ponds. This serves the individual needs of each horse. You can choose between stalls, paddocks with sheds and grass areas (for over the day or the whole time in a herd).

Living in a herd can serve old horses or those, which cannot be ridden anymore, the important movement for their health and social contacts. Feeding areas can be separated to feed each horse individually.

In order to train the horse we have many different facilities and possibilities: a 20m roundpen, a riding arena of 22x40m with a sand ground, a riding arena of 20x80m with a grass ground and a driving arena for carriages of 40x100m.

Additionally you will find many different beautiful tracks for riding through the fields, the beach and the forest.

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